Rabiscacionismo Mural #01

“Experimentation is the fuel of creativity.”

– Nam June Paik

I have always enjoyed starting drawings without a defined objective. This approach allows me to explore the fertile field of experimentation, and I always have fun with the unpredictable paths that arise from this creative process.

Personally, it’s like a meditative and therapeutic process. Meditative because it allows my mind to momentarily disconnect from any other subject and access an intimate environment entirely dedicated to creative experimentation. And therapeutic because by accessing this environment, I come across elements of my subconscious, my childhood, and an entire visual repertoire that is revealed as I progress.

Recently, I decided to take some of these drawings to the streets following the same experimental logic and reproducing them on a much larger scale.

Drawing small is very different from drawing large, and I am fascinated by moving between scales. While one demands few physical movements, the other requires a complete body exercise. We can imagine it as a mix of public atelier and gym.

In this experimental graphic style that I call scribblingism, my focus is on quickly obtaining an interesting composition and overall harmony, without seeking perfection in the smallest details. In urban art, the term “bomb” refers to a style of artistic intervention that happens quickly because it is illegal, and this rapid passage of sprays generates a specific graphic style. I used this style during the painting of this mural, and this was doubly convenient because besides painting faster, I can cover a larger area using less paint.