Wild Style

I used Midjourney to produce some stunning and unique images featuring animals wearing cool clothing adorned with intricate floral prints. Drawing inspiration from the works of great artists such as Rachel Ruysch, Jan de Heem, and Peter Saville, these creations blend different styles and elements to create a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

I used pretty much the same prompt for all the images, changing only the name of the animal. You can also generate your own stylized animals using this same prompt. But don’t forget to share it on your networks and tag me, I will love to see your creations.

Prompt: Fashion photography by mario testino, anthropomorphic mandrill wearing hiphop clothes, clothing with flower prints inspired by rachel ruysch + jan de heem + peter saville, cyperpunk sunglasses, nike, adidas, supreme, volumetric lighting, ultra realistic, super detailed, high resolution , 8k, cover art, iconic –q 2